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Behind the Science of an Artist and the Importance of Buying Original Art

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of an Artist? The daily tasks,

planning, artistic challenges, grueling hours, and anticipation, along with bursts of excitement, joy and inspiration are all a part of life

as an Artist. Whatever medium an artist works with, be it wood, paint, ceramics, glass or other medium, each Artist spends their life in a circle of inspiration, frustration and joy. Artists follow their own path with what inspires them.

Creative blocks can challenge the most seasoned artists.

Inspiration doesn’t always occur, and creativity is a practice, not a destination.

Why buy original art? When buying art that speaks to you, you are supporting a small business person who has oftenspent their life refining and perfecting their craft. Original artwork is for everyone. Historically, original art was accessible to mainly the wealthy, but today, the artist’s original work is available to all.

When you buy an original piece from an Artist you are literally buying a part of their life, supporting a small business person, and showing your appreciation for an artwork that can refresh your spirit, bring you comfort, enhance your space, and stimulate your emotions. Buy original and support creatives.

Our hours are Tuesday thru Saturday 10-5 and Sunday 10- 4. Stop in today at 1179 McVey Ave. Lake Oswego, OR or view online at

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