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  • Dennis McNabb

Maxem Health Urgent Care: The care you need when you need it!


Photos by Brubaker Photography

Our global attention span has narrowed significantly over the past decade. Just about everything under the sun can be purchased with the click of a button, delivered to our doorsteps without ever having to leave the house. Convenience is the word of the day. The repercussions of this trend are mostly positive; organizations vying over the most efficient ways to serve their customers, but there is a downside. Convenience typically leads to less interaction, a less personal touch. The focus tends more towards the service aspect of the transaction, and not so much the customer. Healthcare solutions are as affected by these trends as any other service provider, but fortunately for us, Maxem Health Urgent Care has arrived to save the day!

Maxem Health Urgent Care has managed to discover that perfect balance, devising a system which provides patients with all of the expected conveniences while still delivering exceptional care, and all without sacrificing that personal touch we’ve been missing! President and CEO of the organization, Brianne Whitney, admitted it’s a tricky balance but she credited their southern roots. Maxem Health opened their first clinic in 2007 in Mississippi, then expanded into Louisiana and Alabama. Our location here in Lake Oswego, which just opened April 1st, is their first clinic in the Northwest, and they’ve brought some of that southern hospitality with them!

So what is it about Maxem Health Urgent Care that helps them stand out in such a competitive market? Well besides that extra dose of sincere and friendly customer-centric service already mentioned, they offer a plethora of services and programs not found in many other clinics.

Affordability, in particular, is one of their chief priorities and concerns, and as such they offer much in the way of discounted services and programs. Let’s face it—healthcare is not cheap—especially when forced to use the ER, or an out-of-network physician. So at Maxem Health they offer alternatives to assist with those types of issues. If you have insurance, the clinic is accepted by most carriers and will work directly with your insurance company regarding billing. If you don’t have insurance, that’s okay, too! They will beat any price at any competing clinic, and they are completely transparent with all costs up front so there are no surprises! Because they are independently owned, they can offer discounts unavailable at most other places, and they even have their own Medical Discount Program, if you are so inclined!

In addition to working with your insurance, they will also work directly with your primary care physician to make sure your records stay updated. While Maxem Health is not necessarily designed to completely replace your primary physician, they are absolutely capable of doing so, and at the very least, can work in tandem with your primary at your convenience. This is a walk-in clinic, so no appointments are necessary, and the average wait time is typically no more than 30 minutes. Maxem provides the same level of care that you would receive in any primary’s office, but without the hassle of making an appointment, and often at a lower cost to you.

The doctors staffing the clinic are an elite team, the best of the best, with access to all of the latest equipment and technology in the industry. They handle: regular health exams, diagnostics and testing for both illnesses and injuries—including X-rays, COVID testing and vaccinations, flu shots, and a wide array of services for employers. New services that will be offered specifically at the Lake Oswego clinic include: Botox, and Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Nobody plans to get sick, and with everyone’s overly-busy schedules these days, we don’t have time for it! Fortunately, Maxem Health understands. Their system is designed to work around all of that and accommodate even the busiest professionals. Being independently-owned means they are staffed by people who genuinely care about their patients and the wider communities they serve. Brianne lives right here locally, and she was completely sincere in her statement that the people they treat are not simply patients, but family. Sponsoring local events and school sports activities is just one way they like to give back; to support the family.

Next time you’re feeling under the weather, head down to Maxem Health Urgent Care. You’ll never have the desire to go anywhere else again!

Maxem Health Urgent Care is located at 17437 SW Boones Ferry Rd. Suite #100 in Lake Oswego. Check out their website,, for more details.

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