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  • Dennis McNabb

Rebecca Hardiman, All That Jazz

Dennis McNabb, Contributing Writer
Rebecca Hardiman Perfoms Jazz with her band

A local treasure celebrating her 10th year of bringing the best jazz in the city to Langdon’s Grill in Aurora!

Rebecca Hardiman is a unique and singular talent. Growing up on a steady diet of jazz standards courtesy of her father, she gained a genuine appreciation for the genre at a young age. By the time she reached high school, she discovered she had an innate talent for singing in that style, and began honing her skills in the jazz choir. Straight out of high school, she auditioned and was selected out of over 100 applicants to enter the prestigious Soundsation Vocal Jazz program at Edmonds College in Washington. That’s where she got her first taste of life on the road, touring Europe and performing at a host of different festivals and venues.

Rebecc poses for the camera

Dazzling audiences and fellow musicians everywhere she performed, she was then recruited to join the prestigious Boston-based vocal jazz group, The Ritz. There she began her professional career, recorded her first CD entitled “The Ritz,” and met her future husband, Ray Hardiman (the group’s keyboard player). It was an incredible and enlightening experience for them both, but playing in a touring band while simultaneously working full-time jobs was unsustainable as a long-term way of life.

In 1990, they moved from the East Coast back to Rebecca’s home state of Oregon. They continued playing with a variety of local bands—most notably, the vocal jazz group Euphoria which Rebecca not only formed, but also played in for over a decade. Entertaining and inspiring audiences all over the Northwest, they were a cornerstone of the festival circuit, but it was all familiar territory for Rebecca. She was and always had been a part of a larger group. It was time to break out on her own, and that’s when her star truly began to shine.

A siloetted phot of rebecca performing

In March of 2013, Ray began playing Friday nights at Langdon’s Grill. Shortly thereafter, Rebecca joined him, and over the succeeding months they developed a rabid following. Now, exactly 10 years later, Rebecca, Ray, and Whitney Moulton–their incredible bass player who is an equally incredible human being and integral part of the group–are one of the most popular and renowned jazz house bands in the Portland Metro Area. And their home is right here in Aurora! While their regular band consists of Rebecca, Ray, and Whitney, they also attract a host of guest musicians from all over the Northwest. Everyone who is anyone on the Portland jazz scene jumps at the chance to play with this “little band” out in Aurora.

So, listen up folks! Next time you and the spouse are looking for a fantastic Friday date night, including great food, great atmosphere, and the best entertainment in the city, look no further than Langdon’s Grill. Every Friday night between 6-8 PM, Rebecca, Ray, and Whitney hit the stage, and they will absolutely transport you to another world! Come celebrate 10 years of excellence!

Check out her website at for more information and access to her incredible recordings.

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