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  • Matthew Nelson

Oya Elegant Gemstone Jewelry


By Kerry Yu, Fashion Consultant
Photos by Kerry Yu

From exotic Istanbul (Turkey), the world’s only city straddling two continents, Oya & Idil moved to the U.S. over 30 years ago. They brought with them a whiff of ancient civilizations that still linger in their minds and hearts. That is why, the jewelry they create is inspired by antiquities in amphoras found in sunken ships, the wealth of the treasury at the Ottoman Topkapi Palace, and old Byzantine jewelry. Colors reflect the mesmerizing blue waters and golden sands of the Aegean Sea where Greek Gods sailed. 2005 was the year their love of creating jewelry turned into a business. Located in Lake Oswego, Oregon, the mother-daughter duo behind their carefully curated collection work from their home studios, creating necklaces, earrings, bracelets with an international flavor.

Thoughtfully crafted custom pieces are what sets them apart! Each one is designed with a unique sparkle and shine using genuine gemstones and accessories of 24K gold over Sterling Silver, hand-picked at the 500 year old Grand Bazaar in Istanbul which they visit every year. They never repeat a design, each is unique. “Fine jewelry should not be sitting in a safe, it should be re-designed to the taste of the owner and worn.” Oya says. Her custom designs come to life in collaboration with local goldsmiths. Oya and Idil’s creations run the gamut of passionate, elegant, colorful, bold stylish and classic. They are passionate about helping women look beautiful, successful, proud and confident wearing an elegant piece of jewelry made just for them.

Styling: Kerry Yu
Models: Kendra Berning & Daisy Jin
Jewelry by: Oya Elegant Gemstone
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