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Orange Theory: We Have a Heart

Business Spotlight

How else can you prove you’re improving? Think of your heart rate monitor as your built-in coach, telling you when you need to push, or when you should scale back and recover.

Orangetheory embraced this technology early on. Heart rate monitors are at the heart of our workouts; training based on optimal heart rate zones is the very essence of what sets us apart. Identifying and staying in those optimal zones is integral to the workout.

With Orangetheory’s heart rate monitors you can track your progress in real time — every calorie burned, every Splat Point gained, every heartbeat counted, every second spent in every color zone. Plus, all that info is displayed on a tablet set right in front of you whether you are on the treadmill, the floor, or the rower. “What you do not measure, you cannot achieve,” Ellen Latham, Orangetheory’s founder, says quite often.

The wearables are part of the Orangetheory trifecta of science, coaching and technology. You need each of those to get you in the best physical, mental and emotional health.

Orangetheory wants you to understand the science and to love your coach, but that third side of the triangle — technology — will let you know what your body needs. You might need to pump up your workout or you might need to ease up. Maybe you’ve hit a plateau. It’s the data from your heart rate monitor that equips the coach to help you over the hurdle.

When you connect your heart to your workout, who knows where the journey to More Life will take you? What you do know is that you’ll be able to see exactly where you’re going.

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