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New York Fashion Week

Fashion Feature

Every year, designers, models, buyers, media, bloggers, photographers, celebrities,influencers and fashionistas will gather together for New York Fashion week. It is a must-see event. People fly from all over the world to New York just to be there for the exciting few days of fashion shows. Fashion shows help in creating interest among the public to spread awareness about new arrivals in design and style and set new fashion trends, coordinate sales and promote goods. People use fashion shows as tool to express themselves, their believes, their individuality, uniqueness, new ideas, and culture. This season in New York Fashion Week, I helped to produce three shows for three wonderful designers and brands. These designers are from New York, Canada, as well as Vietnam. Sustainability is a big theme this year. The New York brand D’Marsh and the Vietnamese brand Hulos used recycled material to create one of a kind pieces. Hulos’ collection were all handmade with embroidery. The collection looked absolutely stunning. The Canadian brand Amelia Tuu was established by Miss Universe Canada which contains French accents within the collection. They also emphasized the use of organic cotton as the main materials for the brand.

I have some exciting news to mention. The Canadian brand Amelia Tuu will be featured at Portland’s official Fashion Week - FashionNXT on Oct 7th. Take out your most fashionable outfits and experience Fashion from the comfort of your own town. Visit:

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