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  • Dennis McNabb

Legendary Music Producer Ron Nevison

Meet the Artist

Ron Nevison Standing with recording equipment

With a career spanning nearly 5 decades, he is one of the most distinguished record producers/audio engineers to ever spin the knobs. And he lives right here in the Pacific Northwest!

From a young age, the later to be legendary music producer Ron Nevison had an innate fascination with both music and electronics, a fortuitous combination he would soon learn. He was the kid in school who had his nose perpetually buried between the pages of Popular Electronics and was constantly frequenting Radio Shack for parts to build radios. While he initially sang in the school choir and a variety of doo-wop bands, hoping to break into the business as a performer, his first gig was with Festival Group Sound, traveling with bands on tour, driving truck, hauling gear, etc. Recognized for his strong work ethic, organizational skills, and extensive knowledge of electronics, however, he was quickly moved over to the arena of sound mixing where his strengths could be better utilized.

Over the course of just a few years, Ron earned a reputation for being one of the prominent “sound men” in the business, making some of the biggest acts of the time (Jefferson Airplane, Traffic, and Derek and the Dominos) sound absolutely incredible live. That said, while he was in high demand, his ultimate goal was to work in the studio. An auspicious meeting with Chris Blackwell, founding owner of Island Records, secured an opportunity for him, and a month later Ron was living in London.

His first job as a sound engineer was working on The Who’s seminal double album, “Quadrophenia”. It was a massive undertaking: a year-long project that required extensive use of sound effects (which all had to be collected manually at the time) and a trial-by-fire learning experience for Ron. But it was one of the most memorable of his career. Ron stated that Pete Townsend was a brilliant and generous man, and a real mentor for the fledgling engineer.

Over the next 4 decades, Ron earned his place among the upper echelon of recording engineers and producers by working with some of music’s most popular acts while putting out some of their best-selling albums. Led Zeppelin, Bad Company, The Rolling Stones, Heart, Chicago, Meat Loaf, Ozzy Osbourne, KISS, Europe; the list goes on and on. Highlights of his career include many of the record industry’s highest distinctions, including being recognized by Billboard Magazine as one of their “Top-5 Producers of the Year” four separate times, garnering countless Grammy-nominated and winning hit singles and albums, and producing a host of Multi-Platinum and Gold-selling albums.

And he’s still at it! These days Ron can still be hired to produce and engineer albums through SoundBetter, the world’s leading music production marketplace. Interested in working with one of the all-time greats for your next musical project? Hop on and check out Ron’s profile. He’s local. He’s one of the coolest, most low-key, easy-going guys you’ll ever meet, and he has a track record that’s hard to beat!

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