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  • Dennis McNabb

Granite Transformations: Unique Process

Business Spotlight

Transform that embarrassing, worn out, and outdated kitchen or bathroom into the beautiful, new, luxurious space you’ve always wanted, and with minimal demolition!

Home renovations are never enjoyable. As a rule, they tend to be messy, costly, and incredibly disruptive, often spanning weeks if not months. That’s not the case, however, when you hire Granite Transformations! Their unique concept addresses these issues by preserving and utilizing the majority of your existing functional assets, and in essence, performing more of a “facelift” than a complete remodel. That equates to less mess, lower costs (40% less on average than a full remodel), and far less of a disruption to your daily life. And the results are astounding!

Granite Transformations is a worldwide franchiser with some 240 franchises around the globe. They have been perfecting their methods of operation for over 20 years. Local franchisee owner Dan Lappin purchased his location, which services Oregon and southwest Washington, 6 years ago. With an entrepreneurial spirit and a vision to invest and expand, he has relocated to a brand new and highly impressive showroom in Lake Oswego which will be celebrating its Grand Opening this Spring!

It was Granite Transformations’ unique process that attracted Dan to the business. Most kitchens and bathrooms are functionally sound, but over the years have just become outdated. As a result, simply “transforming” them versus demolishing and starting from scratch makes perfect sense. Granite Transformations’ proprietary makeover methods are highly efficient, and by using recycled materials whenever possible they’re also environmentally friendly.

Countertops, cabinets, sinks, backsplashes; they do it all, and everything is engineered in the US and fabricated locally. They do these “makeovers” provided there are no structural changes needed to the building itself. They refresh, customize, and reconfigure cabinetry, countertops, and entire kitchens and bathrooms within your existing walls without extensive demolition. Dan explained, they are make-up artists, not plastic surgeons!

If you are interested in remodeling your kitchen or bath, call Granite Transformations first! Let them schedule a free design session to show you the amazing transformations they can provide. Their products are top-notch, require little-to-no maintenance, and come with a lifetime, transferable warranty. Why would you even need to consider anyone else?

Granite Transformations is located at 9 Centerpointe Dr. Suite B in Lake Oswego. Give them a call at 503-567-1370.

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