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  • Kerry Yu,

Golden Autumn Fashion


A Model Wears a  Floral Hat

Autumn is a profoundly enchanting season, a time of bountiful joy in the beauty of nature. Every year, as the golden autumn season approaches, my anticipation swells. Surveying the landscape around me, in every corner, I am greeted by the splendor of nature — trees adorned with a multitude of colorful leaves, their branches heavy with the bounty of fruits, a sight that fills the heart with excitement and longing.

On a beautiful Sunday, I bring along our models for a photoshoot, to be used in the fashion spread for the October issue. Our models include Patricia, a vibrant 90-year-old, and Larry, a distinguished 94-year-old from Lake Oswego. The attires designed by Diana bring them joy and exhilaration. In the words of Larry, each moment capturing these fashionable photographs is a highlight of life, a “once in a lifetime” experience every time. Fashion, after all, reflects one’s attitude towards life, capable of bringing joy and eliciting smiles from those around us.

Flowers, too, are a daily gift that accompanies our lives. Our floral designer, Poline, has used her design talents and a touch of freshness to create a series of floral hats for our models. These hats have added a unique touch and character to our photoshoot. Zupan’s Markets has adorned itself with the vibrant colors of autumn. They have prepared an abundance of pumpkins, transforming their storefront into a picturesque destination. Everywhere you look, there are flowers and an array of seasonal produce, fruits and pumpkins, all contributing to an especially delightful atmosphere.

With the arrival of autumn, everyone emerges to take leisurely walks, savor pumpkin coffee, pumpkin pies and other seasonal delights. We also learn a valuable lesson from our two models in their 90s, who have a profound love for life. Their fashion sense and style remind us to cherish laughter, promote health and embrace a zest for life. This, indeed, is the most beautiful state of our lives, isn’t it?


Golden Autumn

A Poem by Kerry Yu

Golden Autumn, a season of opulent radiance,
Nature’s treasury aglow in its exuberance.
A time when leaves turn to gilded splendor,
And harvest’s riches, the heart does tender.
The sun casts a warm, honeyed embrace,
Painting the world in a golden grace.
Fields of amber, a cornucopia’s glow,
In this season’s richness, we find our flow.
A symphony of hues, a painter’s delight,
Golden Autumn, a breathtaking sight.


Creative Director: Kerry Yu

Photo by: Kerry Yu Instagram @kerryyu99

Fashion Design by: Diana Peralta 415-601-4148

Floral Hats design by: Poline Law, FDI of Meadow Flowers

Instagram @meadowflowers88,

Models: Patricia Billings (90 year-old), Larry Turner (94 year-old)

Logan Jackson, Alana Fischer

Location: Zupan’s Markets (16380 Boones Ferry Rd, Lake Oswego)

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