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Evergreen Factor: Welcome the New Bio-Wellness Center


A Evergreen Factor representative sts behind a greeting counter in a brightly lit room

Evergreen Factor is a natural health and wellness center that combines the healing elements of nature to nourish, detoxify, and rejuvenate the whole person, regardless of age or ability. Their bio-wellness services, backed by advanced bio-hacking technology, are rooted in the principles of Earthing, Hormesis, Nutrients, and Connection to accelerate healing, boost immunity, enhance beauty, improve longevity, and optimize performance.

They will help empower you to become a steward of your own health. “We utilize the concept of bio-stacking,” Amy Gigena, co-founder of Evergreen Factor and Health Coach, shared, “and the best part is that everything we offer can be done in an hour or less. It is high health impact, but low time commitment.”

After using modalities at Evergreen, you’ll feel refreshed, have more energy, sleep better, feel great, rediscover the excitement of life, and find joy in improving relationships. You’ll also fix issues you didn’t think were possible, such as hormone stabilization for peri menopausal and menopausal women, among other possiblities.

"We are very excited to offer this beneficial new concept to the greater Portland area,"

Evergreen Factor was created after two clinics, with two different scopes of practice, saw a shared trend in their patients’ needs. One of the clinics focuses on biologic dentistry, while the other clinic focuses on integrative wellness and family medicine. The common trend between both clinics is the focus on alternative, natural means of reducing inflammation, addressing toxicity interferences, and improving cellular health. After discovering this commonality, our founders combined their shared expertise to create Evergreen Factor. “We created Evergreen Factor to help address a growing need for a natural, holistic, and a more proactive approach to wellness,” said Jennifer Senderkiewicz, Holistic Dental Hygienist and co-founder of Evergreen Factor.

The ultra-health oasis celebrated a Grand Opening on June 18 with a ribbon cutting ceremony by the Lake Oswego Chamber of Commerce. "We are very excited to offer this beneficial new concept to the greater Portland area," said Dr. Tomas Gigena, Board-Certified Medical Doctor and co-founder of Evergreen Factor. "Helping others has been the foundational concept of this idea since the beginning, so we are looking forward to helping improve the wellness and longevity of our community."

"Evergreen Factor will change the way you think about wellness," said Dr. Pascal Nguyen, Biologic Dentist and co-founder of Evergreen Factor. "With advanced bio-metrics and bio-hacking tools, we help guests identify their deficiencies to build a longevity plan based on their specific needs."

In recognition of their grand opening event, Evergreen Factor is offering a special discount. The "Founder's Membership" is their best offer ever and available for a limited time – $500/month for three months, 50% OFF its $1,000 value. Visit for more information.

The log of Evvergreen Factor. The logo is linked to the Evergreen Factor website.

Evergreen Factor is located at 16555 Boones Ferry Rd Suite 200 in Lake Oswego. Visit for more information, or give them a call at (844) 433-2286.

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