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  • Patti Jo Brooks

A Visionary Eyecare Choice

By Patti Jo Brooks, Contributing Writer, Photos by Carly Carpenter
Dr. Tersingi works with a patient.

As Portland’s premier LASIK and vision correction destination, Tersigni Vision is the only vision correction center in Oregon that offers the full portfolio of the modern vision correction solutions available today. Dr. Steven Tersigni, a world-class refractive surgeon, performs all procedures in the intimate setting of his Lake Oswego office. Patients find they are most comfortable with the vision correction processes offered at Tersigni Vision, and greatly appreciate that all procedures are performed onsite with no surgery center visit required.

LASIK surgery is a specific procedure, but today it’s become a catch-all term for the plethora of vision correction surgeries aimed at making glasses and contacts obsolete. There are actually many different procedural options to help one obtain crisp, clear vision. This broader field of correction solutions, which includes both laser-based and lens implant options, makes it possible to treat more patients today than ever before. A greater range in eligible ages (18 to 100+) and multiple prescription correction techniques make surgery more obtainable. Patients who were not candidates in the past find access in Tersigni Vision’s full portfolio of modern techniques. “We do everything,” Dr. Tersigni affirms. “We are the only place in Oregon that has every procedure at our disposal.”

Patients who come for a consultation at Tersigni Vision will meet with Dr. Tersigni personally, unlike most practices where a patient only meets the surgeon the day of the procedure. “I feel it’s really important for the patient to talk to the person who’s going to do the surgery,” Dr. Tersigni relates. The surgeon is better equipped to answer questions and help communicate post-op expectations with regard to both the healing process and subsequent vision correction. It also allows patients the opportunity to develop trust in the surgeon and his staff, and to get a feel for the general office experience. Situated in Lake Oswego, where I-5 and Hwy 217 converge, Tersigni Vision is easily accessible to the greater Portland area. “We wanted to make sure our location was convenient and in a pleasant setting,” Dr. Tersigni says.

A native of the Oregon Coast, Dr. Tersigni completed his medical education, as well as extensive training in Ophthalmology and Refractive Surgery, from top institutions across the U.S. Prior to founding Tersigni Vision, he practiced at Brinton Vision in St. Louis — a world-class vision correction center. Returning to the local area to be closer to family, Dr. Tersigni wanted to bring to his Oregon practice the same level of care that he provided in St. Louis, as well as to incorporate a more personalized, boutique-style experience with affordable financing options.

Dr. Tersigni also sponsors a program for surgery patients to donate glasses they no longer need. These glasses go to developing countries and are matched there to a recipient’s prescription.

Tersigni Vision is located at 15150 Bangy Rd in Lake Oswego. For more information, visit the website To Schedule your Consultation call (971)362-2020 today!

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