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  • Donovan Darling

2022 Monster Mash Spooktacular: Frightful Fun!


I remember black clouds and heavy mist under murky yellow streetlights, my rain jacket flapping over my vampire costume, and hauling an orange plastic jack-o'-lantern through the monster-crowded streets more than 20 years ago. The houses with jump scares were always the best–the dad crouching in the bushes, the mom “asleep” in the rocking chair–my little brother and I always jumped and screamed. Homes all strewn with cobwebs, gravestones, red lights, and skeletons. And the bowls of witches’ hair (spaghetti) and eyeballs (peeled grapes).

While I remember those Halloweens fondly, gone are the days of going door-to-door for candy and scares. Times change, and we just want to keep our kids safe. And that’s where the Monster Mash Spooktacular comes in. Many cities have adopted a new, safer style of trick-or-treating, whether downtown, at malls, or in local churches. The good news is that the kids still get to dress up, say “trick or treat!”, have fun, and binge on candy at the end of All Hallows’ Eve.

For the past several years, the Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation and Christ Church Episcopal Parish have been hosting the Monster Mash Spooktacular. 2019 and 2020 were a bit different–due to COVID they adapted into a Drive-Thru format, but thankfully this year returns to the classic indoor trick-or-treat format.

Instead of house by house, it’s almost like a trick-or-treat party–you get to hang out with family and friends without getting rained on! Dress up in your favorite spooky Halloween costume and bring the whole family to this great event. Walk through the trick-or-treat “streets” to collect candy, toys, and more at every station. This cobweb-filled celebration includes spooky tunes and ghoulish crafts too! The best part of all is this takes place during daylight hours, in a well-lit building, getting safe and prepackaged candy from trustworthy folks. The church supplies the candy themselves, and many folks dress up to partake in the festivities and feel like a kid again; the pure joy and innocence of dressing up in a costume and being silly for a few hours.

Don’t just sit at home drinking hot mulled cider and eating a bag of candy corn, watching your favorite Halloween movies all cozied up on the couch–although that’s a good start. Get up, get costumed, and head down for candy, fun, and festivities. Join the Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation and Christ Church Episcopal Parish for trick-or-treating on Monday, October 31, 3-6PM.

Christ Church Episcopal Parish is located at 1060 Chandler Rd. in Lake Oswego. For more info, give CCP a call at 503-636-5618, or Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation at 503-635-0270.

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